Need to port a number from Google Fi


I need to port a number, but seems like Visible has already assigned a number on the eSIM. When I try to activate it says there was a problem and contact care, but there's no way to contact care other than the bot. The bot doesn't give specific information, but only the generic information. How do I keep my current number (port it) and activate the eSIM? Do I need a physical SIM?


Intermediate III

When on chat type agent or live agent, you may need to do this more than once but that should get you by the bot.


You can also get a hold of them by messaging them on Facebook, Twitter or X now, Instagram or their Reddit support page. FB works great for the last time I had to contact them. I also get response within 10 minutes on Reddit. 


Here is a link to their direct message on Reddit. You need to sign up for account if you don't have one.