Network Issue


I'm new and I'm having a major issue with this service. I switched providers. My account and Sim card has been activated and my account said my number was successfully transferred over, but I cannot make or receive calls. Same with SMS text messages. The signal strength goes up and down randomly, but while it's up, I have no data connection, and my texts won't send.  When it's down it shows the "๐Ÿšซ" symbol. The 4g or 5g symbol has never once appeared next to the bars. I spoke to 3 different representatives and they all couldn't help me. We tried resetting the Sim card, resetting network data, toggled airplane mode on then off. Nothing has worked. I, myself, tried to manually connect to a network operator, Verizon since visible uses Verizon, but it failed to connect. Mobile data is turned on, and I don't live out in the country, so this shouldn't be a problem. The Sim card itself doesnt seem to have any damage. I've restarted my phone many times. I'm using a Samsung galaxy S8 and it says it is up to date. Android 8.0.0 Samsung experience 9.0. I need help resolving this issue as I need my phone for work.




Intermediate II

What is Visible support saying?  Are you using social media or chat support?



Novice II

I am having the same problem - have been going round and round with the help agents and no solutions, today is day 10 of trying to work with Visible support, I am wondering if I should keep trying or just switch to a different provider?

Did they ever resolve your this issue?


I am having the exact same problem with the exact same phone. You'd think they would have figured this out by now. I just got my sim card today and I am NOT happy.  Two different agents on chat, one on Twitter. My case was supposedly escalated to an "expert" who won't be able to contact me until tomorrow, when I will be at work all day. My guess is they know this phone is NOT compatible, but they're sucking us in and then hoping we buy a new phone from them. Not happening. I will go back to the big guys and pay more to get working service and tech people who actually know what they are doing. This is ridiculous!!