Network Issues


I have an I-phone SE, and whenever I get outside of a WiFi network, the phone says I have no internet connection. I have tried getting a new SIM card, but that hasn't helped. I'm wondering if there is a setting on my phone that is not right. Help! I'm getting ready to go back to my old carrier. Their coverage wasn't as good, but I never had a problem connecting to the internet.



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I know nothing about iPhones. I think even with those phones you need to turn off the wi-fi so it can switch back to mobile data. Also make sure mobile data is turned on in your network settings. I know on my android phone if I turn on wi-fi it turns off mobile data. to get mobile data back I need to turn off wi-fi.

That's the thing that isn't working. Whenever I'm out of WiFi, the internet doesn't work no matter the setting.


Have you tried general reset and reset network settings?

Yup. That didn't help.