Deactivated? No service! I have to work!

An agent was very unkind and rude to me so I ended my chat with this person after asking for another agent that they wouldn't give me. I gave a poor chat survey and reported why in the comments. Right after that I was deactivated and I think banned unable to reactive my account or click onto any Links concerning Visible to chat with someone so I could reactivate my account. I chatted with someone on Facebook Messenger and I guess they realized I was banned after talking to someone and after telling me they will get in touch with me within two hours they stopped communicating with me on Facebook Messenger all together and I have been completely ignored now. I just paid my phone bill for the month, I'm on a budget, and I have to work in a few hours. I use my phone to work and I am left with absolutely no service and no explanations but after reading everything I am starting to realize that I am probably really banned. I'm banned because an agent was unkind and rude to me so now I'm going to suffer consequences for ending a chat? I was told to report this situation to the FCC and Better Business Bureau but I'm hoping to resolve this issue in rapid manner first before I have to report this situation. Is there someone who can please assist me in this situation please?