NetworkDiagnostic battery usage


Activated 2 week trial and noticed higher battery drain after activation on Visible. Visible is esim2 and my old carrier is esim1 on my Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra 512gb unlocked. System > Battery sez "NetworkDiagnostic", a system app is consuming the most power, more than Chrome. No errors reported, however. Comparing to another Samsung phone I have, but is not on visible, s23 with visible NetworkDiagnostic has much higher CPU usage and much higher mem storage usage. The only thing I have changed on the phone is to add esim data for and activated Visible. Visible activation seems to be working for both voice and data. There were some error messages during activation but after power off reset and power on the phone these seem to have gone away. But I am not happy with increased battery usage and do not understand why NetworkDiagnostic" app is running. Tried facebook DM to visible, but gave up after waiting over 50min.



Hi @newbie123 - That's odd that it's drawing so much power.  I have a Pixel 8 Pro with Visible and don't have this same behavior.  I would first check to make sure your Android version is up-to-date and that all the apps in your play store are updated as well.  You should also consider going into your apps list and locate the app with high usage, force close, and clear cache.  Then reboot your phone and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the reply. I have the latest Android version that Samsung has provided to the S23 ultra. I was considering clearing cache and data for NetworkDiagnostic system app, the  highest battery user listed under system>battery, but subsequently, I got a push from Visible, which required a reboot. After that, my battery usage has dropped substantially and NetworkDiagnostic app is no longer listed for battery usage under system>battery. Maybe the visible config was the issue or maybe something else? But all good for the moment.