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I am currently with Tracfone and want to switch to Visible, using my existing number. I am not sure how to do this. I have read the instructions for porting in the Help section but I am confused about the order in which I need to do things. Do I go ahead and purchase my new phone and plan first and then wait until I receive it to do everything else? I am assuming it won't be activated until I go on to the website and do that once I have the phone. In any event, I don't want to have a new phone number assigned to me when I sign up.


Not much traffic here in the community forums but I will try and help since I never ported myself but from my reading it is pretty straight forward. First off keep your TracFone number active until you are done porting in.


Yes, you order the phone and wait until it arrives to finish activating. You will be assigned a new number even though you are porting in, no way around it from my understanding. You need wi-fi, make sure phone is fully charged and all the updates are done first and then download the Visible app before you try to activate, only way to activate is using the app. Then follow the procedure for porting in your number from TracFone. Again, follow the procedure step by step and it should go just fine. 


If you run into any issues on a separate device such as a laptop or desktop and contact customer to help you with issues, do not use the phones app to contact them because you will likely get disconnected while doing the steps they give you to fix any issues you may have.





Is your device network unlocked? If not then please refer to the unlock policy with your current service provider.


For visible service you dont need to buy a new phone unless you need it. Any network unlocked mobile will work. You can check it here if your mobile is compatible with visible network.

To my knowledge most iPhones will work on visible network.


Here are the other links I found regarding porting:


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