New customer feedback


I wanted to offer some feedback as a new customer.

First, check trade-in status through the chat support is not accurate, and as a result, disconcerting for your customers.


Last night I checked and it tells me my trade in device is "NOTRECEIVED". When I checked it this morning, the same status.


Second, the "Overview" page - which I've learned through experience is where this info lives - does not load most of the time. It simply returns an error.


When Overview finally did load correctly this morning it told me that the device was in fact received on April 21 (it's not April 25 - this should be in sync by now).


So that's the third point: the info provided on Trade In is not accurate and complete and updating. For a new customer who has already learned that it's not possible to get ahold of a person, the wrong info made me feel like I'd just been mugged for my old phone - I had dropped it at USPS on 4/14, gotten a printed receipt, and still your system told me it as of 4/25 NOTRECEIVED even though it was confirmed delivered on 4/21. I knew there would be no way to get ahold of anyone - I am in a position where I just have to trust you'll do the right thing with no means to verify or escalate. 


A fourth point, your chat feature really needs an option to attach files like screen captures. Much time could be saved for your customers and for you if you enabled this, because it would help you see what I am seeing. This was true when I had the eSIM issue in my first week as a customer. If I could have sent screen captures, I am pretty sure it would have been solved more easily. 


Love the lower cost, but there are some fundamentals y'all need to tighten up to retain and serve customers well without causing distress. 


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For sending screenshots try using Facebook messenger to get a hold of customer service. That is my go to for chatting the CS over suing the chat dialog box. I think a person can also send screenshots on a DM to them on Twitter but not sure. FB and Twitter links can be found in the bottom right hand corner of this page. They also are on reddit, click more options on the right side and send them a message there, you might also be able to send screenshots there also.