New service activation


I just recently activated my service, did eSIMS download but NO one can call me on my phone?

I can make calls & texts but cannot receive inbound calls?

spoke with Robot tech, they went thru all the steps iphone, generak settings, cellular etc, re-downloaded eSIMS, update apple IOS software nothing is working ?


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Everybody's having the same issue. Many threads here about it. I ported out because of it.

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Having the same problem. You're not alone. 

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also the same issue. hopefully it is fixed soon


I had the same issue yesterday when I signed up and didn't get any calls coming through. Today after I noticed my visible service was going in and out I removed my old verizon SIM and then restarted my phone and now it al works. 

Were you using esim before? 

i started by using the regular sim they sent me.


then i switched to esim


but both have given me the same results of not being able to receive calls.

It has to be a network issue then. 

I wasn't. I had a physical verizon SIM and got an eSIM from visible. Though its saying they shipped me a physical SIM but I havent seen any tracking for it. 

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Having the same issue. Ported my number to Visible and month ago and have no problems with that line. Ported my wife's number tonight, can't receive calls. Can make them, can send and receive texts, and data works. Just can't receive them. Downside of these bargain cell phone companies, there's awful customer support when things go wrong!

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I updated to the new version of the app that was released today, then I removed the old esim and got a new one form the app. after a few minutes i was able to receive calls. 


thank goodness.

I'm glad it's working for you. I ended up porting out because I couldn't deal with people not being able to reach me at all, and the responses from customer service weren't reassuring enough to keep me.


I do hope it ends up working out for everyone else, though. Maybe one day I'll return.