No Datas


My son broken his iPhone 11 last month while he is in university of California Irvine, I bought a new iPhone 13 for him from Amazon. He told me he can make phone calls but there is no datas avalible.

I ask him use chat in visible app to fix this problem, he told me nothing help after he tried a few times. that is 11/28/2022. So we thought maybe the problem is the new iPhone 13, so I bought another new iPhone 13 for him. But the same problem happened in the second iPhone 13 again.

after he fly to our house, we live in Houston,Texas. We tried many times, nothing help, and we lost messages.we can receive but can not send in the beginning, then we lost both, we cannot receive and send messages.

we spend more than 10 hours chat online with customer service, and I though I am a more expert and professional than most customer service. They told they need escalated my case because they can not fix it. That was this Monday.

today morning, I received an email says the problem shoveled. I followed the instructions and tried again, all are the same, all problems still there.

it is been twenty days since we have this problem.we paid in full and never received full service.

I don’t want chat online anymore, every time cost me 30 minutes wait for connection, one hours for routine procedures, half hours or one hour to tried the same steps we tried many many time and I knew it’s can not help. And, the final, they told me I need wait for higher level support.

the question is ,when the higher level support will available?