No data, MMS and no access to APN


Hi, I just switched from Mint to Visible and I'm beginning to second guess my move. The major issues are that I'm unable to access my mobile data, I cant send nor receive photos on the Samsung Message (texting works fine), and, I did find some solutions involving the APN but mine is grey and can not accessed. This is strange since when I signed up with Mint, they had all the APN stuff on their setup directions, which I did, worked fine, so I know that my phone allowed APN filling. My phone by the way is a Samsung but apparently the actual model is a 'bad word' it came out Dec of 2021. I tried the chat help line, waited for over 20 minutes but never got to communicate with a live person. Any and all suggestions will be welcomed.


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Chat will take a lot longer to get someone to chat with. Early last month it took me 45 minutes to get a person on chat. A few weeks ago I tried Twitter but I never got response so I tried Facebook messenger and sent a message, went to bed and woke up the next morning to a response time stamped 45 minutes after I sent it. I sent the information they requested and was surprised I had a response within a few minutes. I would suggest FB if you don't want to wait on chat, lately I have read the wait times are close to 2 hours. As far as messaging. On my Motorola phone I had some issues where I lost ID's and it just displayed phone numbers, this was on the message app it came with. I went to the Google play store, not sure what Samsung uses for apps, and I downloaded the Verizon message app and that solved my issues, not sure if it will work for you but worth a shot.

Hey. I tried your suggestion to download the Verizon message app - it needs to verify my phone number by sending a text which I cannot receive. Ugh!


Hey Good advice on the Verizon message app, but it needs to send me a text message to verify my phone number. Since I'm unable to receive text messages the normal way I cannot verify my phone number. It's a vicious cycle. Ugh!

Worked for me...thank you so much!