No network connection


After upgrading to new $30 pm plan, phone off network. Does not send or receive anything. Talked to Help center 5 times - were unable to solve problem and every session timed out. I cannot access my account or the Visible app on phone. 

Please help.



Same here. Just happened to me today. I upgraded when I was in California no problem. I've been back in Massachusetts for 3 days and now this. I'm waiting for the chat and hope this is just a fluke. Otherwise I'm bailing on Visible and going to Mint/T-Mobile

Well, same here. I am on personal phone's hotspot (ever so slow) looking at other options. Unfortunately I am in remote area and Visible was perfect for me. Seems like Mint may work. Good luck to you.

Ugh, that's awful.  Dealt without service, too, and it's extremely frustrating (to say the least).  Out of curiosity, are you using a SIM or an eSIM?  If you're using a phone that supports eSIM, you *might* be able to get it operational if you can go to an area with stable service long enough to go through the process.  Like you said, though, the trick is you have to get in touch with Customer Service, which is hit and miss at best.  I had the same experience and once I finally got my eSIM working, service has been fine for the most part, barring the occassional need to toggle airplane mode on, waiting about 30 seconds, then off again (no rhyme or reason for why but it has worked for me).

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