Not All Generations of The Pixel 4A Supported


Hi everyone this is really crazy - Visible supports the Pixel 4A but they tell you right on their website it's supported. However it should be clarified their claims of supporting the device are partially true. The first generation of the Pixel 4A *is* supported but The Pixel 4A (5G) model known as The Pixel 4A with 5G *is not* supported and therefore you can't and won't be able to bring your factory unlocked phone to them. The crazy part of this whole thing every competitor to visible will take the Pixel 4A - any generation of it none of the hassle - no issues. The same issue with Visible is also happening to Yahoo Mobile. Support for the Pixel 4A with 5G is not there but the Pixel 4A 1st generation with NO 5G is supported. Who do I reach out to at Visible to kindly let them know you are missing a huge opportunity for people to come to your company if you only allow the first generation of Pixel 4A and not the entire series of Pixel 4A phones and aren't fully disclosing this major catch. I really want to move to you guys. But I have to keep on asking when and if there are any plans to support all versions of The Pixel 4A both first gen and 2nd gen. Right now the only 2 companies that won't take will take the Pixel 4A 5G model is Visible and Yahoo Mobile, even Spectrum Mobile, and Straight Talk, US Mobile, and Verizon prepaid will take the device no issues. What's with Visible and Yahoo Mobile not taking it when every other carrier has no issues at all. 


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Hey there! Each device is unique and compatibility is dependent on a lot of factors including things like hardware and software, and we have to work with manufacturers to customize the carrier software that makes their phones compatible with our new network. Devices still may not be compatible with our network even if we sell that model, so we always recommend checking the IMEI using our compatibility checker

So is there any chance that Google Pixel 4A (The 2nd generation with 5G) will be supported anytime soon. I mean - the Google Pixel 4A 5G is actually sold on your website but I don't want to buy a brand new phone and go through the nightmare of transferring stuff - and hoping it will make it to a new phone. Plus Affirm won't allow me to finance the phone of course. The problem is that I can't finance because - affirm said - I have no credit history - which of course makes sense as a 23 year old who never needed to finance anything from the start. The funny part is I have to build a credit history to even get a chance but - I'm not able to build credit - if I can't start somewhere. 

I ran into this same issue with pixel 5. Pass VZW prepaid check, fail visible imei check. However, there is a workaround. A visible CSM told me to just put iphone 8 in the device (something that will not trigger an imei check, but also will not accept e-sim) the system will then overnight you a sim card. Works great on pixel 5... even ones that don't pass the imei check. 

I have a 1st generation Pixel 4a and visible was the carrier I started out with worked great for the year I had it but I had to temporarily switch carriers to Google Fi at the end of August as I was working somewhere where visible didn't work. When I tried to switch back a month later my phone was "incompatible". So you're saying that within a month's time y'all lost the ability to give me service? I find that very hard to believe. What would have happened had I not switched? Would my phone have suddenly stopped working?  This doesn't make sense


Is the Pixel 4a 5g phone compatibile yet.  I ordered one thinking it would work until I ran an IMEI check on my wife's pixel 2.