Not Getting Incoming Texts


I've been having tons of issues the past few weeks with incoming text messages. I can send messages, but I don't get any incoming messages. Sometimes I don't realize this isn't working for over a day and end up getting tons of messages at once after I restart my phone. The issue seems to happen every time when I fly or am hiking without service and put my phone in airplane mode, which is multiple times a week. It also seems to happen whenever I get sent a group message. The only thing that works is restarting my phone, airplane mode on/off multiple times does not help. This is super frustrating because I've missed really important work texts and now I'm paranoid about not getting messages so I restart my phone multiple times I day if I haven't received a message in a few hours. 

I am able to make and receive calls and people receive my text messages. The only other thing that seems to be impacted are voicemails - I have to manually go in and refresh my voicemails anytime this happens to see any new voicemails. 


I have a galaxy S21. 10+ family members also have visible and none of them seem to be having this issue, but most have iphones. 



My wife had this issue with her S10e. She needed to update the visual voicemail app. The Verizon store rep knew about the newer version and installed it. Same green icon, but newer version.


Have you tried doing a network reset with the Visible sim install then rebooting?



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