Number Not Active


I’m trying to port my number from consumer cellular to Visible. I put my number in and it says it’s not Active which is bull, I’ve been trying for 3 days now. I’m tired of waiting in that virtual line only for this app to crash when i reach #1. Either fix this or give me a refund. Cuz I’m getting fed up with this. 



Did you cancel your account with Consumer Cellular before opening an account here and trying to activate? If you did then it is no longer an active number. 


I know it is frustrating but coming here asking for Visible to fix or give a refund will not happen, this is a peer to peer forum and is not visited by customer service. There are some troubleshooting problems that other forum members night be able to solve.


Try contacting customer care through the website and not on the app. If that will not work for you try sending a message to them on Twitter messaging or Facebook messenger, you can find links to both in the bottom righthand corner of this page.