OnePlus 9 Pro Not supported


Hello, I bought this OnePlus 9 pro 5G not even two years ago. I paid over $700 for the phone, I've had no problems in the past with service and I've referred several people to Visible


Visible is requiring me to update to the new network they have, but it's telling me my phone isn't compatible anymore.... Are you kidding me? How can an unlocked phone this new not be compatible with the new network? Ihave contacted support and they have been unable to give me any insight as to why. 


I love my visible service and it's going to look really silly if I have to switch carriers because of this after referring so many. I shouldn't have to purchase a new phone after paying over $700 for this one



Unfortunately my 9 pro just started doing this too ๐Ÿ˜•

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I'm having the same issue with the OP9 Pro on the new network. Visible saying the phone is not compatible. Yet, it is compatible with Verizon, USMobile, and other MVNO's on the Verizon network, except for Visible+. It makes no sense!!! What is the big difference between V+ and the other networks that it works on them but not V+? Anyway, I'm probably switching to USMobile. 

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You might want to check this thread in the Visible subreddit:

Thanks, I've been on that thread. I'm trying to understand does it really matter if you get a SIM card for an iPhone and not an Android. What would be the difference? I thought all SIM cards were the same except for size and carrier.

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No it generally doesn't matter and you're right it makes no sense other than an outdated IMEI database.

The iPhone trick mentioned there is simply used to get around Visible's IMEI checker and allow ordering a SIM. Older iPhone models aren't prompted for an IMEI and allow choosing a physical SIM. The only downfall of using that approach would be support - any problems and you'd be on your own with an "unsupported phone" so there is some risk depending on how much support you require. However, I'd would definitely avoid the root methodology mentioned over there.

Not sure if the iPhone trick would even work when upgrading service since they probably use your existing IMEI for upgrade check, but it did work for ordering new service at last check before my second phone magically became "compatible".

In my case, I'd opt for new service anyway getting a referral code discount, get a  new phone number and try it for a month since I'm not tied to the Visible phone number and use it only for backup purposes. In my area I can't get 5G service where I live anyway and Visible+ offers no real benefit over Visible so YMMV. 



I did go ahead and order the SIM for an iPhone 13 since I'm already using a non-compatible phone with the One Plus 9 Pro. What the rep failed to tell me was once you order a new SIM, they deactivate the SIM you are using. Just a minor detail. LOL Today I woke up and my phone had no service. I was working on it all day trying different things and finally contacted support and they went through a whole bunch of steps. Nothing worked. Finally, the rep asked to check the SIM number. He said the number doesn't match what's on record. He finally saw I ordered a new SIM which was why my current SIM was deactivated. They gave me the option to have them try to activate my current SIM but they would have to cancel the SIM on the way. If the activation didn't work I would have to order a new SIM and wait for that to be delivered. What a joke!!! I decided to wait for the SIM on the way. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. So 2 days without a phone. As for getting new service and a new number. I've had this number for decades, not interested in a new number. I already have a discount on service from $45 to $35. I just hope the iPhone trick works after all this trouble. If not, I'll probably go to US Mobile.