Oukitel Phone Compatibility


I'll be switching to Visible soon, but my phone isn't compatible (motoz4)

I have been looking at Oukitel Rugged phones, they need NO case.

Alas, I can't check compatibility without an IMEI number.. which I wouldn't have access to until AFTER I purchased said phone.




I don't see any of that brand of phone for sale in the Visible store. so I would suggest the following:


-Buy the phone and make sure they have a return for any reason policy, with no restocking fees.


-Contact support, give them the brand of phones, and see if the support team has the answers for you.



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Even the website says it's not compatible it's a 50  50 sometimes it will work, here is what you can do, if you have a fraind or family that has visible ask them if you can stick in the the visible SIM in your phone, if the SIM works in your phone you can order a new card from visible and your good to go