Pause esim monthly plan

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Is it possible to retain the eSIM without a monthly plan, for example, if staying abroad for a few months to avoid unnecessary expenses?


You can stop payment and let your account lapse for up to 60 days, I believe is what I have read, and then account will be terminated. You would have to contact customer service and verify the time frame.


If you had plans on saving your number you would need to maintain payment or port to a real cheap plan. Maybe go to Visible's Reddit page and search this, I saw where people have mentioned parking a number somewhere for relatively cheap.

In Europe, there is a minimum legal requirement of 12 months for SIM/eSIM validity, extending up to 24 months or more depending on the operator. What a contrast in service compared to the USA! Not to mention, we pay 10 euros for 200 GB. Yes, gigabytes!

Good for Europe! Each carrier handles this differently. Feel free to verify with customer service but from my understanding when pausing or holding payment once 60 days has elapsed account is locked out and I believe phone number is recycled. Try another carrier/service and find one that suits your needs.


To my knowledge Visible business model is prepaid, that means they could recycle the number you hold if you dont pay them monthly.

Every month you pay for the service you are extending the contract for cellular service by 1 month.


Government regulations vary between countries so it is not a fair comparison. For US there are other platforms where you can park your number for modest fee for a couple of months if you value your number. This will be a mobile number porting.



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