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I'm interested in switching from Verizon to Visible.  I am still making monthly payments for the phone under my Verizon plan.  I can not get an answer as to how this scenario would be handled if I should choose to switch to Visible.


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While it's Visible by Verizon, they are separate business entities. You'd need to pay off the phone from Verizon as well as any early termination fees if under contract.  You'd need to ensure the phone is unlocked before switching to Visible. As a budget carrier, Visible currently doesn't offer payoffs of existing phones or early termination fees.  Best to check with Verizon to see what will be required before switching and porting the phone number but pretty sure it's the same as for any other carrier you'd like to switch to.

Exactly, will need to pay off the phone fully before it becomes unlocked and available for porting.

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