Payment History Page Errors

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Is anyone else unable to view the Payment History page on either Mobile (iOS 16.5) or Web (Firefox and Chrome)? On web it just shows the loading graphic forever and on mobile it pops up an error saying "Oops. Something went wrong, we are working hard to fix it." In all cases the server returns an HTTP 500 response so it's clearly something on Visible's side.


This has been a problem for at least a month and my last conversation with support didn't really go anywhere.


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Just signed in and accessed mine history without issue on Chrome. On the app make sure it is updated to the latest version, or try and uninstall and reinstall. On your laptop/desktop on Chrome try clearing cache, or try using an incognito browser. Not sure if any of these will help, last suggestion would be if you have a Windows based computer try using Microsoft Edge browser. About a month ago I couldn't get signed in at all into my account, it would pull up the logon screen but after 5 seconds would go into a loading loop. This was on Chrome, I could sign in without issue on my Edge and on the app. After 3 days Chrome started working again.

Thanks for checking, I've tried this on different devices and browsers so I'm sure it's not a local cache issue. Just tried it on Windows for kicks and got the same result. Must be something specific to my account, which unfortunately is going to be a lot harder to try to get Visible to track down

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I just Googled HTTP 500 error and one thing it mentions to try is to clear cookies, close browser and try again. 


Customer service isn't much help when it comes to their website issues. I contact them when I couldn't access my account, said nothing was wrong and even escalated it and got an email 15 minutes later saying nothing is wrong. I think a while back I had a 502 error and did the steps that I had suggested and it cleared up.