Visible hates me



So last month I got on the new network and things were going well, until it came time to pay my bill that is.



My bill due date is the 26th so according to their website I'm allowed to pay 7 days prior to that. So I got on the visible app clicks account and scrolled down and that useless gray spot where a button should be was replaced by a glorious blue button. So I press it. Chaos ensues. All of a sudden I'm met with a pop up that says



"Looks like there's an issue with the payment method you entered. Please try again or use another payment method. If the issue persists, please call the E payment provider for help."



So I do exactly that and contact Paypal. Not a thing is wrong with my account. So I call my bank which PayPal is linked to, figuring maybe the issue is further up the chain, not a single problem there either.



So I say ok maybe it's just the app. So I delete it and reinstall it and still get that wonderfully annoying message. So I try my card directly, still the same message. Then I try the website I get on I sign in and I scroll down and click that blue little pay now button and I'm met with "Uh Oh! We can't process your service payment".and below it in more red vicious murderous looking text "Uh oh! Your payment service has failed. Pay another way" 🤬


So I clear the cookies and history and try again. Same message so I try a different web browser, still nothing works. I even went so far as the create a whole new PayPal account still nothing. By this point I'm angry and exceedingly annoyed because I feel like this system is trolling me. So I try a different payment method still not working. I tried using a VPN, incognito mode, signing out and back in and just pounding the crap out of my keyboard (kicking an old tv always worked so figured it couldn't hurt anything but my hand) nothing worked.



So I finally get on visible chat explain what's going on explain all the steps I've gone through (including using a different payment method) and the first words they type up are "we are sorry for the inconvenience have you tried a different payment method?" 🤬😈🥴😡



So we do this back and forth nonsense and they claim they'll escalate the issue. I hear nothing back. So I get on chat again on July 21st explain everything all over again and I'm met with the same response "did you try a different payment method?" YES I obviously tried a different payment method you wet tissue paper of a human being. By this point I'm losing my sanity and probably my hair with it. They say they'll escalate the issue again. So it's now July 22nd the website and app still won't let me pay my bill by this time I've racked up an impressive $35 credit on top of my $10 welcome bonus which you would think would cover the bills cost for the month since it's $45 for visible+. NOPE! I still need to pay $5 because a minimum of $5 is required 💀🥀😐.



So I try again with the chat and still nothing and they claim nothing is wrong and that they now want me to wait until the 27th to pay my bill -_-. Yes they seriously said to wait until the 27th and then pay my bill. So I say "I'm supposed to wait until my bill lapses lose my credits and bonuses and then pay my bill?" To which they reply "Oh don't worry, I assure you, your bill won't lapse just wait"



Are you kidding me?! That's your solution?!



Anyone else got any bright ideas because it's clear these yahoos have no intention of fixing my account so I can pay my bill and if I'm gonna lose the welcome bonus all that credit and end up having to pay a reactivation fee on top of it all I might as well not keep fighting the inevitable.