Upgrade and Visible's service

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I was satisfied with the service from visible when I signed on until I received a notice that I am required to upgrade. So when I try to upgrade it tells me my device isnt compatible. I cant afford a new phone so ok I bite the bullet and they are sold out of the phones I can buy. Ok so I buy the phone that may or may not be compatable. I chose the same model visible was selling. Still may or may not be

compatible so I had to gamble. I can use another carrier so whatever by now Im fed up.

Im patient but Im getting hot under the skin now.


So I order the sim and they refuse to deliver because "indirect signature required". I was not informed of this until the delivery attempt. Also "due to shipper restrictions" I cannot schedule delivery or have it held for pickup until fedex has attempted delivery 3 times or whatever. I have to work and cant be here to sign. Fedex says "unable to offer service" on their "indirect signature on their site. The only reason I was able to get the sim card was that my brother just happened to be home.


I receive the sim and cannot activate it because I have no other internet connection. On top of that there were no instructions beforehand as to how to activate or else I could have arranged something but no I have to jump more hurdles to activate. Theres no way to contact customer service. I dont have any of those social media accounts and expecting someone to use that is absurd. Whats wrong with a simple email address for support?


When a cutomer needs help they dont find it with a useless "AI" chatbot that spits out search results. Lack of communication. Poor service. Making it difficult is how you lose customers. Its as if visible really doesnt want my money. I was going to just switch carriers if my sim wasnt delivered and Im a hair trigger as of now because I dont appreciate the treatment. This is not how you keep customers. It feels like Im on a sinking ship and should bail before going through more bs.


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First off FedEx should have left a door tag on the first attempt, you can sign that ticket and leave it taped to your door and they will drop it off the next attempt.


Instructions for "how to activate" can be found in the help section. Instructions are also on the app when it is time to activate. If you have no internet if you have a library nearby most have free Wi-Fi access across the US.


I will point out just because Visible sells a certain phone model it may not be compatible, Motorola phones in particular.


As for chat, to avoid chatting with the bot type agent or live agent, you may need to type it a couple times. That will get the attention of a person. If you don't have social media such as FB or Twitter you can also message them on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/user/VisibleCareSupport/ click on more options on the right and click message and DM them. they will respond to you that way. Creating an account is simple.