Phone will only text using email address and not phone number


Switched my daughter's phone from Verizon to visible.  She is unable to send or receive texts unless it is via her apple email address (Apple to Apple).  Also, she is unable to text any android phone.  It has been two weeks and we are really frustrated.  We are unable to get anyone using the chat feature, as we have waited online for hours and eventually have to disconnect.  A third thing is, when going to her settings she has a primary phone number listed and then it is listed again.  Confusing.  Any help would be appreciated!!!


Intermediate III

Ask the representative in chat to reprovision the sim. I hope that helps.


From what you say I understand iMessage only works. May be remove the phone number from iMessage application and then add it again. This could also solve it because default messaging app in iPhone is iMessage.


Either of these should be able to solve your problem