Pixel 7 (Unlocked) eSIM Compatibility

Novice III

I recently purchased the Google Pixel 7 Pro (Unlocked) from Best Buy. However, the IMEI seems to be incompatible with eSIM. 


This is very frustrating for a carrier who recommends using eSIM. Although the device is compatible, the IMEI checker claims that eSIM is unsupported (which is a lie because Visible sells the same model number). The endpoints claim the IMEI is unavailable. If that is so, why don't you ask us for the eSIM IMEI and/or EID? What a horrible implementation.


The worst part is if I request a physical SIM, my service goes out and I need to wait until I receive the SIM card. I have never heard of a carrier that deactivates your existing SIM before you receive the replacement. Which individual thought about this logic? Clearly, they have no clue how telecommunication works.



Ditto here, Visible's eSIM is not compatible with the Pixel 7.  I've been locked out while visible waits to send me a physical SIM for this phone.  They're claiming supply and shipping delays, at least a week before my SIM will get here, during which time I will have no cell phone service at all.

Every other carrier has smooth eSIM implementation, however Visible does not.  So disappointing for Verizon/Visible.


Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm for Visible.  I too bought a new unlocked Pixel 7, and transferred my eSIM from my Pixel 6 to the 7.  Visible doesn't support eSIM yet on the Pixel 7, so I'm now stuck waiting with no service until Visible can find it in themselves to send a new physical SIM.

Novice II

Unfortunately it isn't just Pixel devices, but also Galaxy users. The only ones who get the eSIM treatment from Visible is iOS devices. A shame. 

A week or two after I posted this, I was able to activate using eSIM. 

How were you able to activate later?

The customer service just disagrees that it will never work