Pixel 8 Modell GPJ41 not compatible



is there any chance that my Pixel 8 modell number GPJ41 will be accepted?


Currently IMEI numbers of that modell are not accepted.


Best, ypo


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I did a quick Google search of that model number and from what I see that is not a US model. I'm not sure if it will work if you get around the IMEI checker to get a card. Usually Visible has most of the newer Pixels in the IMEI database and it would have to be unlocked to work. 

Yes, it is a european model. Should be compatible concerning most of the US LTE and 5G bands and esim.


Is there a chance to get it unlocked, especially for esim usage?


Best Ypo

I don't know much about eSIM but from what I have read I don't think it would be possible to get the IMEI into their database to use it since it is a European model. You could try and ask customer service through chat or message them on their social media platforms. I just highly doubt you will get them to add it. Check the compatibility checker at Verizon and see if it passes there. Some have said they have ran there android device through that checker and it updates the Visible database. If it was an unlocked US model it would likely pass the checker, they seem partial to Pixel and iPhone's, and some Samsung.