Unlocked cell phones


Is there a list of phones or better yet the ports or whatever visible works on ? I have tried 20 or so IMEI sample numbers to see if I can buy a unlocked phone and not one has said it would work on this network not even ones unlocked for Verizon so WT*? Someone please help me here I want to get a decent phone and well can't find one to work. Ty


Visible doesn't have a list of phones that will work, it is whether or not is passes the IMEI checker. Visible doesn't put much effort into their IMEI database. Phones that will likely work if unlocked are iPhone's(less than 6 years old), Pixel's(6A and newer), Samsung is hit or miss, Motorola won't unless it is a Visible model or bought or sold by them. This is not saying the phone will work though, there are ways around the IMEI compatibility checker but if you need help from customer service they can deny helping you if using an unapproved device.

So there is no list of LTE channels or ports the service works on ? That's inconvenient, Verizon has one as does AT&T , t-mobile and others. Crazy I was hoping to use visible but I cannot pay so much for a phone. Most of there lower end phones are out of stock. Well I guess I'll have to wait or move on.

It is owned by Verizon and runs on their towers so they use their bands. The bands have nothing to with whether the phone will work or not. Phones may show not compatible but could possibly still work. It depends on the phone and how old it is. Some phones that are 3 to 4 years may not have the right firmware to work correctly on the Visible network and some things may not function by using an older phone. As I had pointed out Visible's IMEI database is limited and they don't put any effort into it. You may want to look into Mint or one of the other MVNO's for budget service if buying a different phone such as iPhone or a newer Pixel is out of the question.