Moto g Stylus 5G model XT2131 Not Compatible but "Connai" say it is good

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First I had no problems transitioning my wife's older moto ACE phone to visible but when I tried to setup an account for my brand new Moto g Stylus 5G the web site says it is not compatible.  I got a Moto Stylus 5G to replace my older phone.  Before I purchased the phone I went to visible web site to see what Motorola phones they were selling and they have a Moto g Stylus 5G.  The price was high for a 128GB storage phone so I went to Best Buy and got a Moto g Stylus 5G with 256GB storage for a lot less.  Activated the phone on Verizon so I could keep the same number when I transitioned to visible.  Well that did not work out for me.  Here is the thing if you go to the chat and put in the IMEI for my phone it gives you a smiley face and says it is compatible.  It then asked do you want to order a SIM I said yes then it gives you a link to the web site and guess what NOT compatible.   My opinion is that the "Connai: robot is really Verizon so it says yes.  Really frustrating that you buy a phone that they sell, works on Verizon and the visible response is we are adding phones everyday.  I am betting if I could get a sim it would work just fine. 


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Yep, welcome to Visible! I bought a phone here in 2021 when I started and of course they want us from the old unlimited plan to switch to the new plan and guess what? Even the phone I bought here is not compatible with the new plans.


Here is what you should be able to do, use your wife's IMEI number and get a SIM, if you think that won't work just change one of the last digits and you should be able to get a card. Activate the card in your wife's phone, once done just move the card to your phone and it should work. The reason I say this is I posted about this noncompatible issue back in October, one person said they bought a new phone at a Best Buy with a new SIM on the new plan and activated it and then moved the card to his old noncompatible phone and it worked. 


Worth a shot if you want to migrate to Visible.