Plus Plan Upgrade / 100% Loss of Service. EPIC FAIL - DON'T DO IT

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Looks like Visible tests their back office in production.  I made the mistake of being excited about an opportunity to get QCI8 and domestic roaming.  Did the plan change.  Billing worked well - charged my card for the prorate very successfully.  Also of note, my account is 100% in good standing and always has been.  


Service side of plan change was/is a complete disaster.  I'm guessing something went ''clunk' in moving my service to the newer network, and I have no service.  No service at all.  No voice, no SMS, no data.  My cell number I've had for 20 years does not even show in my eSIM profile on my device!!   I'd port out, but given the state of my service I'm terrified that Visible would lose my number, assuming it's not already lost.


Numerous chats.  No resolution.  No surprise given what I've read on these forums and in Reddit.  No ETA, no SLA, no reach-out from Visible.  I have filed both FCC and VA SCC complaints.  That'll eventually get their rears moving, but probably not an immediate help.


Moral of the story is let enough other idiots like me do plan changes, let Visible debug and harden the new plan change flows in production - just not on your service.


Good lawd. This is not good 

Yes I was very worried myself about this.  I have had the thought 1000+ times to port out.  But I think our network service profiles are screwed up with the migration from old to new network as part of the failed plan upgrade, high propensity that any port would fail or even worse, lose your number in the process.


My last eSIM download (of 4) does not even have my phone number, does not even have telephony service.  It's like the network does not even see I have phone service and only has data service (that does not work either).  If I attempted a port out, I have no idea what would happen but it would definitely not be good.

I just got my number ported out actually, to T-Mobile Prepaid as I’ve seen others mention, and it’s working; I’m receiving my phone calls and texts finally! I won’t be staying with T-Mobile but at least I recovered my number and service. I receive a “Thank you and Good-bye” email from Visible already too. That’s literally what it said…

How much ?

I just signed up for the $40 plan, but I’m not keeping it. Just desperate to get my number back and have service while I figure out if we’re gonna switch back to Verizon or go somewhere else. We had Verizon post-pay before switching to Visible and visible was ok until this disaster

You could do US Mobile they are much cheaper and they have premium data, they work on the Verizon network, and they support esim. 

When I enter my zip. It says US mobile isn’t available?

So use a different zip code if you know for sure Verizon has service in your earlier 

You could also chat with them they have real good costomer service 

I ported out to US Mobile. Was very easy. Thanks Visible. 

Make sure the ZIP code is correct

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I must be a lucky one - connection come up after 2 hours of waiting. The bad new is the speed. I just upgraded to Visible (not Visible+). Speeds are much worse than on legacy plan. two different test sites show between 150 - 300 Kbps. Far below the 9 - 56 Mbps they list on

It's very suspect that they list the same speeds for 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide.


Novice II

Just want to share a success story. I had previously physical sim and ordered new one with visible+. It didn’t work at all, couldn’t even make phone calls. Spent about an hour with support guys. Tried everything possible with them - no luck. Then app offered to transfer to esim, I didn’t have anything to lose at that point. After about 5 min transfer, I unplugged my sim, rebooted my phone and it started working great! From reading the stories I assume the issue lies with previously held esims and if you didn’t have any (like in my case) there’s a chance it’s gonna work just fine.

Those having issues with iPhone and esim. Try downloading iOS 16 beta4 

I think the issue is with certain accounts, not necessarily the eSIM. I left Visible and created a band new account using a referral code. I got the new visible+ Service now and it seems to be working fine, although it’s only showing me connected to LTE. But speed tests are averaging 120mbps which is faster than anything I had received on LTE prior to release of 5G. I had Verizon since 2017 and was never disappointed in the service, so I was excited to learn about visible and try out the service beginning in May 2022. Not really any complaints until something went wrong with the upgrade and seemed to have “bricked” my account somehow. The new account I setup last night it was working, but again, my phone reports I’m only connected to LTE.

What were your LTE down and up speeds before compared to now? (if you know)

Back on Verizon I typically got 20 to 30mbps on LTE. Nationwide 5G made no difference (it really isn’t any different than LTE) so I feel like I am on 5G because the speeds are more consistent with what I’d get on C-band but for whatever reason my phone shows LTE…


Upload speeds I don’t remember

Probably in your area there's no difference but on 5G it can go up to thousand megabytes per second usually I get like btw 250mbps and 500mbps but that's only in 5g but I live in NYC could be that's why 

Yes, I know that. Salt Lake City has the Verizon Ultra Wideband service and I get 2500mbps or more when I’ve been there. But my city doesn’t have that mmWave network

I went to an Ultra Wideband area, with 2 identical phones, both on Visible with the Visible+ plan. I parked by a mmWave tower and only one of the two phones registered as connected to 5G UW. 25ms ping, 245mbps download and 26mbps upload. That’s NOT 5G UW speeds!

The second phone would only register as connect to “5G” with 37ms ping, 288mbps download and 56mbps upload. 

Something is not right. I have used this Verizon UW network lots and it never fell below 1500mbps download (I don’t recall on the upload).

I want to save money as much as the next guy, but the Visible service is unacceptable for me, especially at $45/month when a plan on Verizon with 3 lines is $55/month and actually works.

So visible is a scam you don't actually get premium data that's very not nice and unacceptable I think I will do US Mobile for the same price, with a family plan it could even go down to 35 dollars

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I signed up for a new Visible account, but have not ported my number to Visible. I’m confused because my phone used to show 5G while at my house, and I know Verizon has c-band at my house because I used to be a Verizon post-pay customer. But visible, and US Mobile, only give me LTE? Anyone having the same experience? 


"My cell number I've had for 20 years does not even show in my eSIM profile on my device!! "

20 year old phone won't work on 4g. Nice try.


"My cell number I've had for 20 years does not even show in my eSIM profile on my device!! "

20 year old phone will not work on 4g. Nice try.


Same issue here.  I only write to inform that this is still an issue as of December 12, 2022.  Had an eSIM, Upgraded (air quotes) my plan yesterday from the $30 to $45, and it bricked the network.  No phone calls, no texts, no data.  Worse than that, right after I upgraded I placed 3 calls, and the 3 different recipients all said the same message: "as part of the recipient's call screening, your number has been blocked . . ."  Seriously!?  I don't want my number on some sort of blacklist.  Contemplating porting back to Google FI, though at this point maybe I should wait as it is all on them.  They said some issue with my account needs to be fixed before any SIM (e or physical) will work.  No apology, no credits offered.  Next step: FCC, BBB, etc?  Wish I had found this article before upgrading.  Any advice?