Port from Verizon to Visible


I signed up for Visible using the iOS app and did not (or see) the option to use my existing number. Is it possible to port my number from Verizon? I cannot figure it out and the video was not helpful in my scenario and there are no agents that are alive.


Thanks for any input.



Yes, you should be able to port in your number from Verizon if your phone is not locked to a carrier. If you don’t get the option on the Visible app, just do a chat session with Visible support.


You might want to test your phone with Visible with a temporary numbers for a few days before porting. Voice, text, and data should all be tested.

Make sure your phone on Verizon is not locked (it's a setting in the securities settings) before you do the porting on Visible app. You get five tries before you'll be locked out for 24 hours. After I figured that out it was easy and fast. You can get your 6 digit port out code directly from your Verizon app (which is good for 7 days). As an aside, other than a soewdy bump getting my visible voicemail to work (had to do a chat session with customer care), I have had zero issues with Visible service as compared to the Verizon service I had previously. 

I want to be with visable

You will be sorry you went to Visible.


Should you wish to proceed, you'll need to go to Verizon and get a code from them to port your number over to Visible. 

If you have prepaid the pin is the 4 digit security pin if you have postpaid you have to get a number transfer pin 

Please accept my post as a solution if I it worked 


Yes it is possible. Let the care rep know it is a transfer from Verizon because on the back end there is a slightly different process than a normal port.


Good luck and welcome to the Visible fam.



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