Ported my number last night but until today still no update to my case

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I am pretty concern. I ported my number last night and until today it still does not work. I was given a case number and but additional details. I can't use the internet or make or receive calls. I've already missed a lot of important calls because of this


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Hey there!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your port, but our Care Team will be able to help. They can be reached through the Live Chat feature on the website or in the app, Facebook (Visible Mobile), or Twitter (@VisibleCare). -TJ

Novice II

has it been resolved?  i just started port in two days ago and just told it could take 5 days...


Have you had porting issues moving from Verizon or Verizon Business to Visible? Have you had to contact their support over and over to no avail? Have you been given false and misleading information by a chat agents? I'm starting a class action against this company for deceptive trade practices. My suspicion is that this "issue" benefits the parent company, Verizon, as they will indirectly receive 2 payments from you while you wait for weeks for you number to migrate. Yes, it's considered a migration since its all on the same network, not a port, the agents should know this, but pretend like your port has an error. I assume if you come from any other provider that there wouldn't be a porting issue and they would want your service up and running as quick as possible. If you are in the same boat, please DM me and I'll let you know how we are going to proceed. Anyone else stay AWAY!


How do i dm? thanks i don’t see the function for dm member to member