Porting In from Google Fi


I attempted to port in my number from Google Fi today. The port out was confirmed completed on Google Fi's end and Fi closed my account; however, the port in has yet to be completed by Visible. Additionally, the phone number Visible assigned me prior to the port request is no longer working in any capacity so I'm left with zero service.


I contacted Visible chat support and they insisted I give them a Google Fi account number and PIN to escalate my issue but I don't have a Fi account number and PIN anymore - these are generated one-off by Fi upon request and I can't recover the ones I submitted in the Visible app earlier. Fi won't give me a new account number and PIN because they already confirmed the port out and closed my account.


Visible chat support insists I need a Fi account number and PIN in order to escalate the issue to someone who can actually help, but they don't exist because Fi already ported out my number. What to do?


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I am not familiar with porting in but according to the port in instruction your account with the other carrier, Google Fi, should not have been canceled until after port in was complete. If you want to keep your number you were using with Google Fi you might need to open up a new account with Google Fi and try to get that number reinstated and port in at a later date.

There have been issues activating SIM cards the past couple days due to issues texting and phone problems at Visible. Someone posted this in another thread and maybe it will work to get your temporary number working:


Appears to be common problem.  Another Community User provided the following, which I tried and it worked!  1) Turn Off Roaming; 2) Turn Off Bluetooth; 3) Make sure phone has latest update; 4) Turn ON Airplane Mode, wait at least 30 seconds, Turn OFF Airplane Mode.  I followed these steps, status changed to VISIBLE but no bars.  As I was waiting, received message “Phone Activated” and it is now working.  Hope this helps others!  Good Luck!