Porting later after indicating new number during order?


The quick question is: is there any difference in how one ports between selecting a new number when you order, porting later, and selecting to port when you order?


I am switching from Puppy Wireless (Verizon MVNO), bringing an unlocked Pixel 6. When I put in my order, I selected a new number since I wanted to use most of my paid month before porting. I've ported my number 2-3 times but it's been a while and with phones that didn't use SIMs. I also have my number linked to Google Voice and use that number for calls, though there are some systems that don't recognize the GV number as a "mobile" number for texts so I have to use the phone's actual number. I may need to remove/re-add the number after I complete this process.


If I just swap out the pSIM and start the porting process, at some point does the number just switch from the new number that I got when ordering to the ported-in number seamlessly assuming all goes as expected? When I got the new phone, I just moved the SIM from the old one, but there wasn't a change in the service. The instructions address porting when you order it that way; I'm not sure if it's different if it's done later.







If you are just wondering if you can port after activation, the answer is yes. You just need to contact support and they will handle the port for you.