Porting nightmare


Last Friday my service went out for the 6th time in 3 weeks. After 5 new sims, I decided the next day, Saturday, to port out. Back to my old company. Bought the SIM card, requested the port out and should have been done in 5 minutes. Nope. Here i am a week later in porting out limbo. I didn’t want to lose my phone number but i guess at this point it must be gone. I put up both a BBB and FCC complaint and did finally receive a phone call on the number without service. Thankfully i thought to check that voicemail. So i called her several times and finally texted her because she had a voicemail that wasn’t set up. She called back then and said she would look into it. She only called because of the BBB complaint. I did get credited for next month. Joy. More service that i don’t get to use. They have ‘escalated’ my case everyday. Yet here i sit. No one will tell me why this is taking so long. The chat feature is a nightmare. So at this point i haven’t had service since Friday and have been trying to port out for a week. The other company keeps saying that visible is rejecting the account number. The one i copied and pasted and read off my email. The one visible says is correct. So i called Verizon to see if they could figure it out. They said visible lost my number but somehow got it back on Wednesday and there’s no reason they shouldn’t of ported it out by now. If only Verizon knew what a nightmare visible is. I have no idea what to do at this point. But don’t move to this company for the cost savings. The savings is not worth the trouble.