Problems Porting my number out of visible


I have tried two different carriers to try and port my number out of Visible, both of them tell me my account number is wrong. I have verified it is correct. Any one else have this problem


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Hey there! Thanks for raising this concern. Our Care team will be best able to assist you here; please reach out by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook.


Did you resolve issue?


I am also having issues porting out of Visible and going to T-mobile because I need roaming while in Mexico and Visible does not offer roaming at the present. For the last 4 days, I have been trying to port out my number and T-mobile says that my account number is wrong and they are receiving an error while trying to port out a number. Visible says that my account information is correct, so I am stuck in the middle and I am able to call out of my phone, but cannot receive any incoming calls. 



Did you solve the issue?


I have the exact same problem. I am trying to port out my number from Visible. My new service provider says the account information I provide is incorrect therefore port request is being rejected by Visible. On the other hand, Visible says the account information is correct however they are not receiving  any port requests for my number. I am very frustrated!


Same issue. Any suggestions?


Did anyone above in the thread ever get their phone number ported? I’m currently having issues and have been for almost 2 weeks and I’m wondering if anyone here was able to get their number transferred over to their new service or if you just had to accept that you had to get a new number.