Qualify for Port-In Promotions


My current card is provided by  j1simcards, is it valid to get the Gift Card by porting my number from this carrier?


Really your not eligible for the gift card, but let me tell you a secret don't tell anyone😀 if your sim is using T-Mobile network or att network visible has no way of knowing if the number came directly from T-Mobile or att it the number came from a dealer/reseller if you put in your number comes from T-Mobile your gonna get the gift card, I take no responsibility in this act I'm just saying the fact 

Have you tried it. I was planning to port in to eligible carrier and then again port out to verizon but what you are saying is correct then I won't have to go through that hassle


Port in to another network who qualifies and then port back to Visible. There is no obligation that you have to stay in the other network for a certain time before porting. Cost associated would be from $10 to $30.

Refer this link for the list of eligible mobile operators.



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