Redownloading eSIM


Just wanted to share my experience with the new iPhone 14 eSIM issue to hopefully help someone.


Problem: Accidentally deleted eSIM during reset/backup process and needed it reissued to get cellular service. 


After many failed attempts to contact or stay in contact with a rep through the app or iPhone browser, I got on a COMPUTER BROWSER instead.


1. leave the chat open, and check back every few minutes to make sure your computer doesn’t go to sleep


2. After about 1.5 hours the countdown to a two begins at 50th place in line 


3. Waited for another 30 minutes as it counts down… it was painful. I went through this process twice on my iphone but the rep never responded so I was worried it would not work on the computer browser as well


4. Finally a very kind, helpful rep came on. He asked for my IMEI number. And proceeded to “redownload” the esim in their system. This took 5-8 minutes or more. Rep kept checking in to make sure I knew they were there watching the system process the redownload.


5 . Download completed and I was told to open my app which displayed the screen “let’s pickup where you left off” below you hit next and continue with a series of prompts 


4. Immediately restored service, rep had me restart my phone and make a phone call and send a text to make sure it was all working


Other tips: my watch wouldn’t pair afterward so I had did a reset  on my watch and it paired fine


This was a painful all day experience for me but remember tons of ppl are having similar issues and think the system is totally overwhelmed with the issuing/reissuing of eSIM.  I had to walk away to regain some patience. Have a wonderful day and good luck!!!!🍀 




Have ported your existing number to visible? 

Novice II

I can’t even find out how to talk to someone


I managed to re download the e-sim with the big switch now button in the app once we log in. We will be asked to put in an OTP for the verification, where it says they would send an SMS to the registered mobile number, but I noticed that they send one to the registered email as well, even though it’s not mentioned on that page. And then, the setup would take about 5 mins. No need to wait for customer care to get it resolved.