Samsung Galaxy Fold 4


I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 from Samsung. Great phone by the way. It does support eSIM however Visible currently does NOT support eSIM on this phone. My previous phone was an Apple iPhone 13 Mini and I had used the eSIM feature with Visible. So Visible has sent me a SIM by Fedex overnight. I recently switched to the Visible+ plan and my iPhone worked fine after the switch. So hopefully when I receive the SIM and pop it into the new phone things will work. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned.


How could it be they don't support esim I have visible esim with s22

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I upgraded from the fold 3 to the fold 4. I could never get past visible support to get my fold 3 on the network even though they have a press release saying the fold 3 was supported. Both the physical and esim IMEI was saying not supported. The IMEI lookup tool is a black box to visible support. They just use the same exact tool as you to look up phone compatibility and take whatever it says as the word of a higher power without looking into it further. When I initially upgraded to the fold 4 the IMEI tool said the esim wasn't supported but said the physical sim is supported. I ordered the physical sim but by the time I got the sim and put it in my device it said the physical sim IMEI was no longer supported and that the device might be "supported soon".

If you have a phisycle SIM just pop it in and check if it works 

Did you have any success with the fold 4 on the visible network

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Simple Mobile, Please bring support for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ๐Ÿฅฒ