Settings: Personal vs Primary


Visible had to reset my eSIM. Then during re-activation I picked Personal. Then I could no longer text anyone. Chat reset my eSIM again. Then I picked Primary as I was told. Now I can text, but the recipient sees my email, not my name. How to fix?


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There isn't too much traffic on these forums so I won't be of much help. Guessing you have an iPhone if you're using eSIM. Not familiar with iPhones so maybe try doing a search on Google. There might be something in the settings that you are able to change to fix it. Back in November I sent a text from my Android phone to my brothers iPhone and it showed my brother-in-laws name on my text, my other brother fixed it for him so it was back to my name but that was incoming and guess he fixed that issue in the contact listings. You might have something in the settings to change the outgoing name but not sure. 


Do you have more than 1 phone / data service on your phone?
is your phone an Android or iPhone?