Question on setting up personal hotspot

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Is it easy to set up hotspot for my Roku and Fire TV?  I'm facing the likelihood of using only hotspot in a few days because of other bills that take precedence.


How easy is it to set it up on my Roku bedroom TV and my fire TV and just switching between the two when need be?


Does anyone ONLY use hotspot? And can I stream my Youtube TV at 5 Mbps based on which TV I choose?



Hi @sportsfan7702 - The performance of your hotspot will depend on the time of the day and, ultimately, the amount of load on the tower(s) you are using.  With that said, you can certainly give it a shot.  If you do go this route, I would recommend using the 5Ghz WiFi and only have a single device powered on at a time.  When you connect to the hotspot, the devices will save your connection and attempt to automatically reconnect. This would put you over a single device connected at a time and likely cause connection issues.  Hope this helps.

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I just want to point out that if you use the 5Ghz setting some device can't detect hotspot when this is turned on. I think my Roku device player is one of them.