Differing numbers, no signal for 7 DAYS! Please help :(

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Hi everyone,

I am posting here because I am truly, truly lost and so, so incredibly frustrated. I could really use some feedback about how to move forward. Please allow me to share my story down below:

Necessary context: my current email address associated with my Visible account is defunct. I was hacked and it got deleted by my email provider. Unfortunately, because I had updated my email on Visible less than 30 days ago (at the time of my problem), Visible dictates that customers can only edit their email address once every 30 days, so I couldn't change it. Updating it does require a verification code sent to SMS text. (I promise this is relevant to my issue.)

Exactly 7 days ago, I requested to change my phone number with Visible chat support. Halfway through our conversation, we got disconnected. I thought nothing of it and thought I'd try again. That's when I lost all signal: no calls, no texts, no data. I tried contacting Visible support again for help. Apparently my old phone number was removed from my account and I'd been assigned a new number but due to our lost connection (I'm assuming), something went awry and it didn't sync up on my end. My Visible account then showed a totally brand new number, even though everywhere on my phone still showed my old number. Messages or calls sent to either number (old or new) never reached me. (I even tried Wi-Fi calling. Nothing.)

We did everything we could for two hours, trying to get me connected to network again. Nothing worked. Eventually, the agent said they created a case for me to be escalated to the tech team and someone would get back to me either by the end of the night or the next morning with an update and solution. I stayed up all night waiting for an email. Nothing. I went to bed, and woke up the next morning, checking my email. Still nothing. I contacted Visible every single day, twice to three times a day, for the last seven days. I would get the same response: our team is still working on it. No updates yet. You just have to wait. We can't do anything else for you.

I've been without the ability to receive or make calls or texts this whole time. I have been away at a big work conference and have DESPERATELY needed to use call/text. I can't tell you how extraordinarily disappointed, frustrated, and angry I've felt this past week.

I finally decided that I'd had enough. I requested to cancel my service. I asked to delete my account. Their response was always the same: unfortunately, doing so required me to click a verification link sent either to my email address (linked to Visible) or phone number. I begged them to send to a different email address, a different phone number, to ask for a supervisor, anything. I was told the same thing every time: unfortunately, they couldn't do anything for me. They had to wait for their tech team to solve my issue first, then I could manually update my email (because then I'd be able to receive the SMS text to verify then), then I could close my account. At this point, they've not sent me a single email to update me (as they kept promising me), or provided any workarounds or temporary solutions even though I have asked repeatedly for one. I've scoured forums online and tried what seems like every single possible troubleshooting step. I've even tried migrating to eSIM.

Honestly, I have experienced this issue of suddenly not having any service at least nine times in the last four months with Visible. Every single time I've been able to fix it myself (reinsert my SIM card, turn my phone off/on, reset my network settings, and in dire cases, completely reset my phone). It was annoying, but I was always able to figure something out so I didn't necessarily mind too much. This time, however, I fear there is no redemption. I wish I could just cancel my service, close my account, move to another provider, and move on with my life, but I can't even do that. I was trying to connect with a Visible chat specialist again today but their website is down right now due to server errors.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue before? Would anyone be so kind as to respond to this? I am just feeling so stressed out about this. Thank you for reading thus far and for listening.