Simms card never was delivered. Quite disappointed with chat and customer service!


My wife has been trying for weeks to get a Simms card. Chat will not let us respond to the "live agent" so we are left hanging in limbo. Any ideas as how we might communicate with Visible. I have been a subscriber to Visible for a couple years and been very happy. However given the problems of trying to connect with the company and get my wife on board, we might have to be changing services. Very disappointed at this time!!



Oder the SIM card on the Visible web site, no need to chat

Novice III

I also made the mistake of switching from T-Mobile to Visible... There is a problem between Visible and FedEx and my physical SIM card does not get delivered. FedEx says the shipping address is incomplete however only the SHIPPER (Visible) can correct this problem. I have spent a week and 2 undeliverable shipments yet Visible insists that I can fix the problem and they refuse to call FedEx. The Visible customer reps do not listen... they keep saying the same things... So frustrating... Clearly I do not recommend Visible and I am looking for a new service provider.