Bringing in a cell number when joining

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I just signed up and got new service started with Visible. I did my cell phone and then my husband did his process for set up. His cell phone is still not working after almost 4 hours. Any recommendations for next steps? We have tried the toggle of airplane mode and re-starting the phone multiple times. Visible will appear in the corner of his phone briefly, and when he enters his password to open the phone, the  signal drops back to SOS.



Hi @kdeb - Were you able to get your husbands phone up and running?  Please let us know if you still need assistance.

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Thank you for prompting me Ryan. Yes....we did get my husband's phone working. It took about 5 hours before he was able to make and receive calls/texts. When I switched my cell number over, the timing was only about 30 minutes, so we were concerned that it wasn't working when it took so long for my husband's number to become active. Thanks again for checking in. Appreciate the offer for help!