Slow mobile data


I'm in southwest Washington state and I have had Visible for several months.  I love Visible and I have two phones and hence two hotspots.  Recently I began to experience extremely slow mobile data.  So slow it was unusable.  About that same time I had upgraded to Visible+ and got a new sim card.


So I went on the chat help and worked with the tech for over an hour trying to troubleshoot my slow mobile data.  After trying every possible combination of resetting network, rebooting, remove-sim-reboot-airplane mode on-put the sim back-reboot and on and on.  None of this worked.


Ultimately the technician was able to determine that there was a network problem on there end in my area.  The problem was supposed to be fixed by 6pm that night.  Anyway the problem persisted into the next day.  Again no sequence of resetting network, rebooting, etc worked.


Finally I did a factory reset on my phone and this solved the problem.  So if your experiencing network issues and nothing seems to fix it you might try resetting your phone back to its original factory settings and starting over.  Of course if you have important data that you might lose be sure to backup your phone before resetting it back to its original factory settings.


Long Live Visible!!