Stay away from Visible

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I so much wanted visible to work, but just can't take it anymore. I've been with them since December 2020 and suffer though daily dropped calls (or calls where I can hear them but they can't hear me) and no cellular data. Toggling airplane mode sometimes brings back cell data, but one shouldn't have to do that every few hours. Customer service always says reset network settings which never helps and only causes all my wifi passwords to be lost. When I do have cell data, it's usually so slow it is unusable. Unfortunately, it's time for me to move on.


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So maybe your in a dead area but seems like most people have a good experience with Visible. Wrong platform to complain. Either you have phone issues or your in  an area where visible doesn't have coverage. 

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Why is this the wrong platform? I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, surely they can get this right. In some areas I'll have 100+ mbps down one day and zero coverage the next. I'm not the only one complaining about constantly toggling airplane mode to get coverage back.

I had the same issue with T-mobile before I came to Visible when I asked them why I have to keep toggling to airplane mode they said it's an iPhone issue. 


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My family (all iPhones) have been with Visible for over a year and, until recently, it was pretty decent.  We take family trips to the south and it is basically useless on I65 in Kentucky past Louisville to around Bowling Green (No Service).  We deal with it (and have a spare phone on Google Fi).  But the recent issue with Visible customers not able to reach Google Fi customers via phone (primarily with iPhones) and the poor support has us porting out.  Two of our four phones are now on Mint Mobile after doing a couple of trial sims for a buck each off of Amazon.  One port over went smooth (five minutes); tonight's took over four hours (and Mint said it was because of no replies from Visible -- I believe it in my recent dealings with support).


You do need to keep things in perspective though, these are MVNO's and they de-prioritize your data.  Additionally, I suspect this pandemic has hurt customer service as these folks are now working remote and I suspect it is not easy to monitor the service provided.  We have good WiFi at home and my wife and I have much different data needs than our kids.  That said, my daughter tells me Spotify just stops working all together as of late when driving and her mobile hot spot has not worked on more than one occasion.  I experienced that today when we had a power outage at home and I was not able to get my hotspot to connect to my laptop.


I will probably remain with Visible for my required iPhone for my job, but the wife and kids are going to Mint.  I do think Visible works better on a supported Android/Pixel device.

Are you still having issues with GoogleFi? Visible just recently mentioned this issue was resolved. Also Mint mobile trial sims are free and overnighted via FedEx straight from Mint. Order from their site. No need to pay. 

Yes, I am still with Google Fi for my personal phone and yes, the issue is finally resolved.


.99 cents for a Mint trial sim was fine (same day delivered) as my Amazon delivery hub is local.  Three of us are now ported out from Visible, but I will remain... My needs are minimal for my business line.  Voice calling and texts with occasional data use for $25 bucks a month is a pretty decent deal.

Mint is T-Mobile and doesn't get any reception in my area so Mint is not always the answer.

That was the case for me a year ago when we tried Mint (just as the pandemic lockdown began).  Worked at my home, but one mile to the west, No Service until Lake Geneva WI.  I felt the service with Mint, even though it did not work for me at the time was stellar.  Fast forward to now, Mint/T-Mobile has really improved, even in the rural areas between Kenosha and Lake Geneva and to the north toward Racine and Milwaukee (WI) and south into northeastern Illinois.

Well I know they have improved so I went to a T-mobile store asked if I had service at my house and they said yes brand new 5G tower. Traded my phones turned on 5 lines no service go back to the store said you can cancel service but you loose all of your iPhone 10’s that you traded. After a month and 1/2 of calling corporate the finally agreed to pay off my iPhone 12’s and unlock my phones. They did the right thing but my son has a mint mobile sim and still spotty service in our whole area.

Curious @diamond_man300, What part of the country are you living?

20 minutes from Buffalo NY