Text issue resolution


It took me about 45 minutes to get through on chat.  They were able to fix the testing issue in a few minutes by completing a Sim Reprovision.  It sounds like it has to be done on their end so you have no choice but to chat.  I have esim.  Sadly I did not get any of the texts from the last few days.  


Novice II

Mine started working again a couple hours ago. Hopefully this means its back to normal for most Visible customers.

Novice II

Hi everyone, I tried doing this through customer service but was not able to get through even after a few hours. I was able to resolve this on my own without customer service. Here are the steps that I did. You need to have phone that capable of using eSiM to reset it using this method. I have a Pixel 7. This process took about 20 minutes total but now I have no problems with getting messages. 

General. Disclaimer: this worked for me on my phone. But, as always you are doing this at your own risk. I hold no responsibility if anything were to go wrong on your end. 


1. Make sure you have an email available on your visible account, or visible app. You need the visible app to do this as far as I know. You need the email to receive the verification code because you won't be able to receive a text. You will also need your phones IMEI number, which you can find in the settings menu under "about phone". You may have more than one number, but you really only need one. Copy or write down this number as you will need this to reactivate your eSIM. 


2. Under your network settings, you should have Sim settings. You will have to delete your SIM or eSIM. Don't worry, this will not erase any of the data on your phone, or make any changes to your visible account.


3. Once that is done, open the Visible app and under the accounts profile, you should see a section that says "Your devices" . In this section, you will see at the bottom where it says "switching devices is SIMple". You need to select that option. 


4. Follow the instructions, including adding your IMEI number when asked.


5. You will see a prompt asking for a two-step verification code that was texted to you. If you entered your email, check your email for the verification code. Once you enter the code, you can finish your setup just by following the instructions.


If you have a physical SIM card that provided you with service before, you may have to physically remove the card from your phone in order to allow the eSIM to work. 


I hope this helps!