Transfer of Service from Verizon


After 5 hours (this was our 2nd attempt in a month) and chats with 6 agents, we successfully transferred our telephone numbers from Verizon to Visible (the same company).  Things to be alert to:

1. As this was a 2nd attempt, we were advised we were not eligible for the $20/ mo per line promo currently offered; small print devil;

2.  The agents were courteous but IMO inexperienced as each found it difficult to think outside the box to solve our transfer issues;

3.  Beware of the conflict between eSIM and actual SIM in your phone.


Website directions are wholly inadequate and written by tech nerds or lawyers. Visible is most competent to charge its fees to your credit card but not competent to walk you thru issues.  It may be that Visible/Verizon is dumbfounded by its own technology and that of customers with cell phones manufactured by different companies. The monthly savings do not cover $15/hr minimum wage for over 1 year. Be prepared.