Transferred Physical Sim to eSim but the eSim wont activate


So I had an iPhone X with only physical sim. I bought a new iphone 14 pro with eSIM only. I went through the transfer physical sim to eSim process in the app.  It completed and said successful. The iphone X no longer has service. The new iPhone 14 pro detects the visible carrier but no signal and says SOS only.  The eSim wont activate.  I've tried rebooting and everything suggested here on the forums with no success.  What can I do?



I have the same problem. Have you found the solution?


Few days ago i chat with an live agent, he told me that I have to convert my current physical sim card to eSim first in my old phone. He explained that the system somehow require to have a record to show the eSim with the old iMei number first, and once you receive your new phone, come back and chat with them again and told Visible you have a new phone with new iMei number. Then they will update at their end with the new iMei number. I not sure is it true or not, since I still waiting my new phone and haven't convert it yet. 

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and waiting to pick up a 14 Pro Max later today.  The 7 Plus only has a physical SIM, no eSIM.  When I go to the Visible app on it, tap “transfer physical SIM to eSIM,” the pop up says this service is not available, as eSIM is not supported on this device. 

You have to download the app on the new phone and in the new phone you should have a option to transfer 

I have successfully migrated from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 14 Pro Max!  Also upgraded to the new Plus plan for $45/mo.  DL speed is about 340 mbps, per


Wanted to post the screenshots, but this board does not make it possible.


And I successfully activated the cell service on the 14 without contacting the Visible Support!  Hurray!

You can add a link to a screenshot

Some folks here use Google drive share to post a screenshot 


Question: did you first update the iOS to 16.01?