Transferring a landline to visible


I have a landline with Frontier and my phone number has been mine for over 20 years, so I do not want to lose it. I do have an old phone that qualifies for the swap program, but I am an existing customer so (according to the rules) I cannot use that program.


So how do I change my number from a landline to visible and get the least expensive visible phone and add it to my visible account?


Do I still get the party pay discount on the second phone?


Has anyone else done this?

Thanks in advance.




Party pay is no more. You can create new account and do port landline number to cellphone number. (I haven’t done by myself. I have seen others in this forum to transfer their landline to visible)

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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I do not want to create another visible account.   I think it should be like a family plan.  One account with multiple cell phones.