Trial number gave me voicemails that are not mine!

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I just began a trial with Visible where I was given a "new" number, to be used alongside my current number (with a different mobile company) during the trial period.  When I activated the trial number, I suddenly had 17 "new" voicemails that I never received with my current provider.


This is disturbing.  I assume whomever had the trial number previously had their voicemails transferred onto my phone for me to access!  So does this mean when the trial is over that the next person to have this trial number will be able to access my voicemails that I had during the trial, or worse the voicemails with my current provider?


Has anyone else experienced this?






Chatted with Visible and made them aware of the issue.  They said they would relay it to their specialists but ensured me that this should not have happened and that they are committed to security.  I was told to delete the foreign vms or they could "reset" my voicemail, whatever that means.  I opted not to as I fear my voicemails with my current provider could also be erased.  So I just deleted the foreign vms.



We had the same issue with my wife’s test drive, other person’s voice mail and PIN 


I was able to delete the voicemails, but not change the PIN.

No big deal, as we would be moving her Verizon number in 2 weeks. Just testing Visible on her Samsung.

The migration went well phone number and text wise, but the Voice Mail PIN was still broken.

A quick chat with Visible was all it took, about 5 minutes total. All works fine now.

Wishing you the best.

Thanks @GreenSub and @ChildOfGod for alerting us about this security glitch.  I'm happy to hear Visible's Tech Support are aware so they can implement a fix.



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Today I have received several calls and 1 text from someone who is not a part of my contacts, who obviously thinks the trial number belongs to the previous user.  So, this is not just an issue from the recent past but current.  I do not know if this person is a part of the foreign voicemails from yesterday because I deleted them all.

Therefore, the problem is ongoing...


I am sure the numbers are recycled, meaning as one comes available they are reassigned to new trial users. 


I am not sure you can do much about people calling you thinking the number still belongs to someone else, this could also explain the voicemails, if there were left after the number was transferred to you, they techically are yours even if they were meant for someone else.


I don't think that is what is happening, sounds like the numbers, including voicemails are not being reset when old inactive numbers are reassigned to new service.

If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.

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8/8/22 UPDATE

I have received another call and a text that included what I believe to be nefarious activity.  I don't want to be associated with this trial number anymore.  I most likely will be switching to Visible, then I can be rid of this trial number.