Trouble transferring old number. Time to cancel Visible?


I registered with "Bring my number". I have the account number and pin. I've even contacted customer service who said that the error would be corrected and they would email me ( "We do not provide service in your area.").  Though according to their map they do. And I've been using the service for a week through their initially assigned number.

That's been a week ago and I've heard nothing back, and still can't transfer my old number. Time to give up?



I had a similar problem. When I called Visible, they said the phone number was locked. When I called the current provider Boost Mobile, they said the phone number would work with any carrier. When I tried it with US Mobile, US Mobile said it would only work with certain towers. When I bugged T-Mobile, they said it wasn't their problem, no matter how much I bugged them (even going to headquarters, picketing, and posting a negative review of their headquarters online). I even filed a complaint to the FCC against Visible and Boost Mobile. I am still waiting for a response. But, frankly, I don't expect one. 

It scares me what I don't know. When no one really knows what is going on.