Trying to port out but cannot get pin


I am trying to port out of Visible to At&t. I have been requesting a pin for over a week. I get the email that the port-out is in process, but I do not get the pin. According to the FCC, the port out process should not take more than a day! In the support chat they gave me 1212 which does not work. My next step is  filing a complaint with the FCC. I do not want to lose my number. This is ridiculous. 


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I’m sorry to hear about your port-out situation. Usually, the Porting-Out PIN will be emailed to you immediately and it will appear on your end in 2 to 3 minutes.


  • Try to add the email from Visible to your contacts in your email account. Allow it a few moments and try again.
  • Reach to your email provider, to check if the email is not blocked by filters.
  • Chat with a Care agent, and explicitly request and escalation to email you the correct PIN code.


*This PIN 1212 will work, if in your account, you’ll see the “Request via chat” button to get your Port-Out PIN from a Care agent.

  1. For members who’ve changed the email associated with their account in the last 30 days, you’ll need to use the “Request via chat” button to get your Port-Out PIN from a Care agent




Pin to email has been broken for a week now.


Visible says to "check your spam", or "contact your email provider," but in reality none of that is the issue. The issue is their system DOESN'T SEND THE EMAIL.


Look on /r/visible, there are tons of posts recently about this. Nobody is able to find any pin email in their inbox.


Visible needs to fix this already, it's been far too long.


Same with Me!!!! HELP!!!